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More tax preparer e-file mandate information

New York State Handbook for E-Filers of Personal Income Tax Returns (Publication 93)

New York State Handbook for E-Filers of Fiduciary Income Tax Returns and Estimated Tax (Publication 90)

Corporation Tax Modernized E-File Handbook (Publication 116)

Partnership Tax Modernized E-File (MeF) Handbook For Tax Practitioners (Publication 96)

Personal Income Tax, for tax year 2014, any form that is supported in the software package must be e-filed

Additional e-file information

  • Individual
  • Fiduciary income tax
  • Partnership/LLC
  • Corporation tax
  •  Information and specifications for software developers:

  • Corporation Tax 
  • Partnership/LLC
  • Individual income tax 
  • Fiduciary
  • Updated: February 20, 2015