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V. Standardization of utility company information on the assessment roll

Variations of utility company names and parcel information exist on assessment rolls across the state. Standard name and address format helps ensure that pertinent communications get to their intended destinations. Localities should adopt the standard presentation of a company name as contained on the ORPTS address database. The expanded 9 digit zip code should be used when it is available. To facilitate this transition ORPTS will provide the local assessment community with current, standard company names and mailing addresses via the internet. The company reported addresses for assessment roll entries can be found in the Municipal profiles.

It is critical to complete the dedicated UCARS fields (Company Code, Company Location, Company Apportionment) on the description screen for each property. If a particular asset is covered by two SBLs the sum of the apportionment factors should equal 1.0000. Sited properties should not have apportionment factors associated with them. Below are examples of two SBLs that make up mass property for a water company.

Example 1

Example 2

The tax billing name and address should be consistent statewide for each company. Make changes similar to the examples listed on the next page.

Typical RPS V4 Entries

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