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Department of Taxation and Finance

Online Assessment Community: Secure site for assessors, county directors and their staff

The Online Assessment Community (OAC) is a secure site that the Office of Real Property Tax Services makes available to county directors, assessors, and their staff. The OAC includes tools and data resources necessary for local assessment administration. Users must have an assigned account to use the site and accounts can be programmed with either Basic or Elevated access.

Already have an account?

Enter your username and password to access the OAC or the training portal.

Forgot username or password

Access the Online Assessment Community

Always use the correct login link. Do not use bookmarks or favorites, instead:

  1. Go to,
  2. at the top of the page, select Real Property,
  3. scroll down and select Online Assessment Community in the Local assessment officials box,
  4. select LOG IN.

If you are having trouble, logging in try:

  • recovering your username,
  • resetting your password,
  • clearing your cookies, temporary files, and history from your browser, and restart your computer.

If, after clearing your cache and restarting your computer you are still having problems, contact your ITS department for additional assistance.

Still need assistance?

If you have tried to troubleshoot and have reset your username/password and still need assistance, call 518-591-5233 or email

All applicants must complete and return Form RP-5100, Request for Secure Access to ORPTS.

If requesting a new account for:

• Assessors and county directors

A copy of your official appointment notice must be on file with ORPTS before the request for access can be processed. See how to Submit copy of my official appointment notice.

• Acting assessors and county directors

If you are currently serving in an acting position, you can only receive access as staff and your level of access may be limited. Acting assessors must have the RP-5100 form signed by the city mayor or town supervisor.

• Town, city, or village assessment staff

All town, city, or village staff requesting access to the Online Assessment Community must have their RP-5100 form signed by the assessor.

• County staff

All county staff requesting access to the Online Assessment Community must have their RP-5100 signed by the county director. Additionally, if access to STAR data is requested, the applicant must also include a note from the assessor of each municipality they are seeking access to granting them permission to access their municipality's STAR data. Use the following as an example:

I,        (assessor's name)          assessor of the City/Town of      (name of the municipality)     SWIS code    000000    
permission to      (applicant's name)      to access the STAR reports of my municipality.

• Contractors

If the applicant is a contractor, the Local authorization section of the form must be signed by the assessor or county director in which the contractor is working. It is the responsibility of the assessor or county director to notify ORPTS when the contractor's term ends and their access needs to be revoked.

Processing time

Please allow 5-7 business days for the RP-5100 to be processed. You will receive an email when it is complete.

Basic access

All approved applicants receive basic access to the Online Assessment Community. This includes:

  • Sales Reports
  • School District Levy Distribution Simulator
  • Real Property Transfer Data
  • Parcel and Sales Inventory Data
  • Training Portal
  • Valuation Guidelines and Standards*
  • RPS Software Updates*
  • Assessors’ Manuals*

*This material is proprietary to the Office of Real Property Tax Services within the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance and is not to be reproduced, used, or disclosed except upon authorization of the Office of Real Property Tax Services.

Elevated access

Elevated access includes basic access plus any the following:

  • STAR eligibility reports
  • Enhanced STAR IVP tool
  • Sales reports
  • State-Owned Land reports

I need to add a municipality to an existing account

Complete and sign Form RP-5100, Request for Secure Access. A separate form is required for each municipality that you need access to. 

Note: Assessors and county directors must submit a copy of their official appointment notice before their request for access can be processed. See how to Submit copy of my official appointment notice.

I need to remove a municipality from my account

Upon leaving a jurisdiction, you must notify of the change so your access can be removed. Include in your email your user name and the name and SWIS code of the municipality that needs to be removed.

I need to upgrade my access

If you are assessment staff who needs additional permissions such as STAR reports, the Enhanced STAR IVP Tool, Online Sales, or State-Owned Land reports you must have the assessor email us the request to

I need to update my profile information

Use the Update My Account link on the welcome page or, email your updates to

I need to revoke or deactivate an account

Email your notification to and provide the name of the user and/or the name and SWIS code of the municipality that needs to be removed.