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Week of 2/13/2017 through 2/17/2017
Important Publications and Notices
  • NYS Tax Department provides additional corporate tax reform guidance on nexus for foreign corporations and foreign corporate partners
  • The previously posted draft regulations regarding the activities that subject a corporation to tax (nexus rules) for tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2015, have been updated. Revisions were made to state that a foreign corporation engaged in activities that subject it to tax, remains subject to tax even after it surrenders its authority to do business; to include the exception that corporate partners are subject to tax under Article 9-A unless already subject to tax under Articles 9 or 33; and to provide for a cross-reference of the definition of “credit cards” in the draft apportionment regulations.

Press Release
  • Monroe County Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Sales Tax Fraud
  • The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance today announced that a Monroe County businessman has pleaded guilty to 23 felony counts in a sales tax fraud case.

    Dragan Mitrevski, 47, of 10 Silverknoll Drive, Rochester, is the self-employed operator of Bell-Mar Enterprises, a commercial cleaning business at the same address. He pleaded guilty in Monroe County Court to second-degree grand larceny, five counts of third-degree criminal tax fraud, and 17 counts of first-degree offering a false instrument for filing.

  • Why wait? Join the 92% of New York Taxpayers Already E-filing
  • The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance today highlighted the safer, easier option of e-filing and encouraged all New York taxpayers to avoid the hassles of filing on paper.

    “Easy, fast, free for many, and secure. That’s e-filing in New York State,” said Acting Commissioner Nonie Manion. “If you’re not among the 92% of taxpayers already e-filing, it’s time to stop filing on paper and start taking advantage of the benefits of filing electronically.”

  • Stay In The Know While You’re On the Go: Sign Up for Email Alerts to Learn When Your Tax Refund Will be Issued
  • Sign up for email alerts from the Tax Department to be notified when your tax refund is issued and receive other helpful information. You can also opt to receive email alerts about tax bills, and other account-specific updates.

    “Taxpayers are online and on the go more than ever, so offers a variety of services and user-friendly content to meet their needs,” said Acting Commissioner Nonie Manion. “Signing up for email alerts at our website is one quick and easy step to take.”

Up-to-date Forms Information
  • Up-to-date Forms Information
  • Visit our Income Tax and Corporation Tax Up-to-Date Information page for tax law changes or corrections that occurred after the forms and instructions were printed and which may affect your 2016 tax return.

Updated: February 21, 2017