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Send your expected school tax rates to the Tax Department


School district officials


No later than 30 day prior to the school tax levy.


School tax rates are a critical component of the calculations for STAR and property tax relief credits. In order to issue those credits before school property taxes are due, we ask that you provide your expected school tax rates at least 30 days prior to the school tax levy.

Once we receive your expected school tax rates, we can calculate a STAR credit for each eligible homeowner.

The rates must be per $1,000 of assessed value and carried out to six decimal places. If your school district does not base its tax rates on $1,000 of assessed value, please convert them for this purpose.


Use the tax rate spreadsheet, which includes complete instructions.  

If your school tax rates will be provided by someone other than your school business official (for example, in Suffolk County, the final tax rates are provided by each town), please forward this request to the appropriate person as soon as possible.  

After you complete your spreadsheets

Please send your completed spreadsheets to as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation. You can also send questions to that address.