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Department of Taxation and Finance

We need more information to confirm your eligibility for the 2021 Enhanced STAR exemption

If you received this letter (Form RP-5311-OWS), we are not able to confirm that you meet the income requirements based on the information we have on file.

Eligibility for a 2021 Enhanced STAR exemption is based on income from the 2019 tax year. See STAR eligibility.

What to do next

We are requesting your 2019 income to verify your eligibility for the Enhanced STAR program in 2021.

Within 30 days, complete and submit the Form RP-5300-WS, Income Worksheet for 2021 STAR Benefits that you received with your letter. Do not provide copies of tax returns unless they contain schedules that reported losses.

Fax or mail this information to us.



PO BOX 15190
ALBANY NY 12212-5190

If not using U.S. Mail, see Publication 55, Designated Private Delivery Services.

If you do not respond within 45 days of the date of this letter, we will send you a letter formally denying the STAR exemption.