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Department of Taxation and Finance

Lost, stolen, destroyed, and uncashed refund checks

Lost, stolen, or destroyed checks

If your refund check is lost, stolen, or destroyed, contact the Personal Income Tax Information Center at 518-457-5181. You will need a copy of your most recently filed tax return when you call.

Uncashed refund checks

If you received Form DTF-32, Notice to Owner of an Uncashed Check, and you still have your tax refund check, cash it now.

If you do not have your tax refund check and need a replacement, complete, sign, and return Form DTF-32 no later than the response date on the form.

Refund checks issued to deceased individuals

If you have a jointly issued check for you and your deceased spouse

If your refund check is jointly issued to you and your deceased spouse, you may be able to deposit or cash the refund at your bank. If you cannot, call 518-457-5181, or visit the Personal Income Tax Information Center.

If you have a refund check for someone else who is deceased

If the deceased individual received Form DTF-32, Notice to Owner of an Uncashed Check, and:

  • their notice is more than one year old, contact the State Comptroller's Office of Unclaimed Funds or call 1-800-221-9311 for assistance, or
  • their notice is less than one year old, have the beneficiary or estate administrator for the deceased submit the signed and completed notice to;
NYS Tax Department
Division of Treasury
PO Box 22119
Albany NY 12201