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Department of Taxation and Finance

Other e-file options

If your 2020 income is more than $72,000, you are not eligible to use Free File software to prepare and e-file your state return. However, you may be able to use free tax preparation software to prepare and e-file your basic federal and state income tax returns. 

You can also e-file your returns using approved commercial software—which may include free options—or use a paid preparer.

Use approved commercial software

Use an approved software provider to prepare and e-file your federal and state return together. The software you choose may include a free option; please read the eligibility requirements before you get started.

See E-file-approved commercial software for a list of software providers you can use.

Note: Some software is available in Spanish. Look for Disponible en español after the product name.

Use a paid tax preparer to e-file

Most tax preparers are required to electronically file their clients' New York State tax returns. By law, preparers cannot charge you extra for electronically filing your New York State return.

See Tips for hiring a tax preparer for guidance.