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2012 - forms corrections and changes

Caution: If you downloaded or printed any of the forms listed below prior to the Date Posted listed in the table, you should download or print them again. If the form was updated, the form number will link to the updated PDF files.

2012 - forms corrections and changes
PostedForm NumberRevision DateDescription of Change
6/29/12 MTA-305 4/12 Common Pay Agents must write Common Pay Agent Filing on the top of their second quarter 2012 MTA-305. This is due to the different filing method the agents must use to report the MCTMT liability of multiple employers on one Form MTA-305. See more information.
5/10/12 CT-3/4-I and CT-3-A-I 2011 The instruction for line 1 (FTI) of Forms CT-4, CT-3, and CT-3-A should instruct filers of federal Form 1120-C to enter on Line 1 the amount from the 2011 Form 1120-C, line 25c. Line 25c is taxable income before net operating loss and special deductions.