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2008 - forms corrections and changes

Caution: If you downloaded or printed any of the forms listed below prior to the Date Posted listed in the table, you should download or print them again. If the form was updated, the form number will link to the updated PDF files.

2008 - forms corrections and changes
PostedForm NumberRevision DateDescription of Change
3/19/08 IT-203-I 2007 There is an error in the line 60 instructions, Example 2. Based on the rule provided above Example 2, the amount of credit allowed in Example 2 should be $60.42 (not $120.83 as shown).
2/6/08 IT-216 2007 Form IT-216 (2007) There is an error on line 5 of Form IT-216, Claim for Child and Dependent Care Credit.   The error concerns individuals who received dependent care benefits and were required to complete Part III of federal Form 2441 or Part III of federal Form 1040A, Schedule 2.

 Line 5 of Form IT-216 should read as follows: 

 5    Enter the smallest of:
             line 3a above; or
       federal Form 2441, line 3; federal Form 1040A, Schedule 2, line 3; or
             $3,000 if one qualifying person; $6,000 if two or more qualifying persons
1/18/08 IT-203-P
(Form IT-216 contained in the IT-203-P booklet)
2007 The Form IT-216, Claim for Child and Dependent Care Credit, included in the Form IT-203-P, Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Forms and Instructions, booklet contains an error. Do not use the Form IT-216 that was included in the IT-203-P booklet as you may not receive the full amount of the credit you are entitled to. This error only affects the Form IT-216 contained in the Form IT-203-P booklet. All other versions (including the Web version) of Form IT-216 are correct except for the line 5 instructional issue noted above.