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2000 - forms corrections and changes

Caution: If you downloaded or printed any of the forms listed below prior to the Date Posted listed in the table, you should download or print them again. If the form was updated, the form number will link to the updated PDF files.

2000 - forms corrections and changes
PostedForm NumberRevision DateDescription of Change
12/18/00 IT-201-I and
IT-203-I (2000)
2000 Changes were made to the College Choice Tuition Savings Program after these instructions were printed. If you made contributions to, or withdrawals from the New York College Choice Tuition Savings Program in 2000, please refer to Important Notice N-00-22, Form IT-201 and IT-203 Filers, Revised Instructions for Lines 21 and 28 Regarding the College Choice Tuition Savings Program Modifications.


IT-203-X-I 2000 An additional instruction is needed on page 3 for line 57, but only for taxpayers who filed Form NYC-203-R:

You must reduce your city of New York tax withheld reported on line 57 of Form IT-203-X by any amount(s) received as a refund based on the filing of Form NYC-203-R.
3/16/00 IT-200
1999 The fill-in versions of these forms are not formatted properly for the direct deposit routing number.  If the routing number begins with one or more zeroes, they will not display on the form and the number will be incorrect. You can either download the corrected fill-in forms from the Web site, or simply handwrite in the missing zero(es) after you print the form(s).

If you are not using the direct deposit option, there is no need to download the new versions.
3/3/00 IT-203-I (1999) 1999 If you received a Form IT-203-P or IT-203-I before March 3, 2000, there is an error in the Line 41 instructions on page 27 of Form IT-203-I. In the second paragraph, the line references to Form IT-215 should read 17 and 18, instead of 16 and 17.
2/7/00 CT-222 1999 There is an error on Form CT-222, Underpayment of Estimated Tax by a Corporation. In the calculations performed on lines 33 through 36, the taxpayer should divide the appropriate amount by 366, not 365 as indicated on the form. These lines refer to the tax quarters in year 2000 which is a leap year.