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Forms-user instructions

Adobe Reader (or another program that can open and display PDF files) is required to view and print forms, instruction files, and any other PDF files found throughout this site.  To obtain the latest version of the free Adobe Reader, visit the Adobe Web site.   If you are having problems downloading or printing forms, see Adobe Reader - Requirements and Download Information

  • Some forms are provided with the fill-in feature. You can identify fill-in forms by the (Fill-in) text next to the form number. These forms allow you to enter your personal information directly onto the form. Most fill-in forms do not compute tax, validate math, or verify the information you enter. Be sure to enter and verify all required information (instructions may require some information to be handwritten on the form).
  • For a small number of income tax forms, there is an enhanced fill-in file provided. Those files include some computations and guidance in making certain entries.
  • Even if a PDF file indicates that you may sign it electronically, the Tax Department does not accept this method. All forms must be signed by hand before being submitted.