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Respond to your notice or bill online

Using Respond to department notice is the easiest and fastest way to provide the Department with additional information. You'll receive a timely response to your inquiry (if a response is required) and resolve issues quickly.

Depending on the notice you received and your response, you may need to attach scanned documents.

Get started
Create your own Online Services account if you don't already have one. See our videos and demos for assistance. You can also grant your tax professional access to respond for you by completing E-ZRep form TR-2000 or granting access to them through your Online Services account.

Notices and bills you can respond to

  • Bills
    You can respond to most bills online. Enter your assessment ID number (L-#########-#), found in the upper right hand corner of your notice, and select your reason for a response. Informal and formal bill responses can now be done online. See additional information on requesting a conciliation conference to formally protest an assessment.
  • Account adjustment/refund notices
    If you received a notice about your refund, enter the document locator number (DLN) found in the upper right corner or lower left corner of your notice to respond. The forms currently available for this category are:
    • DTF-973.56-O
    • DTF-973.87
    • DTF-160
    • DTF-160-A
    • DTF-161
    • DTF-161-A
  • Selected for review notice
    If we selected your return for review and request additional information, enter your case number beginning with the letter ‘X' found in the upper right hand corner of your notice. The forms currently available for this category are:
    • DTF-973.39
    • DTF-973.52
    • DTF-973.73
    • DTF-973.84
    • DTF-973.42
  • Other notices
    If you received one of the following notices, select the notice in the drop down box to respond.
    • CT-155, Notice of Non-Receipt of Corporation Tax Return
    • ST-565, Notice of Non-Receipt of Sales and Use Tax Return
    • TR-100, Sales and Compensating Use Tax Annual Filing Opportunity
    • TR-576, Notice to Provide Corrected Issuer's Allocation Percentage
    • TR-55.6-E, Notice of Non-Receipt of MCTMT Return
    • TR-716.2, We've changed your sales tax filing status from annual to quarterly

We continue to expand our services to allow more response options. As additional notices become available the above list will be modified to reflect these additions.

Updated: December 28, 2015