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Department of Taxation and Finance

Business incentives

What exemptions and credits are you eligible for?

Explore this page to learn more, or see General business corporation (Article 9-A) tax credits and Business tax credits (Article 22) to search for credits alphabetically.

Start up NY

New businesses

Operate tax-free for ten years, and get access to state-of-the-art facilities and fresh talent with START-UP NY.

Job Credits


Hire, employ, and train New York State's workforce—you may become eligible for one or more job credits.



Are you a manufacturer in New York State? Learn how to save money with our manufacturing credits.

Credits and incentives

Cleaning up and rehabilitating properties is good for your community and your bottom line. Find out if you're eligible for an incentive.

Research and development is vital to the growth of New York State's economy and communities. See how your dedication to progress can pay off for your business.


The $35 million Restaurant Return-to-Work Tax Credit Program, administered by Empire State Development (ESD), provides small businesses that are COVID-impacted restaurants with an incentive to bring staff back to work and to increase hiring at New York State restaurants.